How To Protect Your Home During Summer Travel

July 6, 2016

Summer is a prime time for break-ins. In fact, July and August are the worst months for burglaries, according to the Insurance Information Institute. So before hitting the road, here are some suggestions to help keep you safe while you’re gone.

Set your home security system before leaving.

If you don’t have a system, consider investing in one. In addition to helping protect your home, it might earn you a discount on your homeowners’ insurance.

Stop your newspapers and mail.

Nothing says “we’re not home” more clearly than piles of newspapers on the step, and magazines and letters bulging through the mailbox. Depending on your length of travel, consider pausing your subscriptions and enlisting a trusted family member or neighbor to collect your mail for you.

Trim trees and shrubs near doors and windows and keep your lawn mowed

While we all enjoy the privacy that trees and shrubbery provide, limiting the number of available hiding places around your home can discourage any would-be thieves. Plus, a well-manicured landscape makes it clear that the homeowner cares about their property and is, therefore, more likely to notice if things are awry. 

Let your neighbors know you’re gone.

Provide a number where you can be reached. You might also want to leave a spare house key with someone you trust.

Put timers on your lights.

It’s best if you can set the lights to go on at different times. Consider installing an internet connected home security system that allows you to monitor your home from your smartphone.

Put a password on your computer.

These days, burglars don’t just break in to steal a television; many of them are sophisticated enough to hack your computer and gain access to your financial accounts. Before going on vacation, you may want to disable your automatic login and put a password on your system for when your computer is turned on.

Review your homeowners’ policy.

Lastly, consult your homeowners’ insurance policy to make sure you have the protection you need before you hit the road. Knowing that you have the right coverage will give you the peace of mind to enjoy your vacation even more.

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