In 1968 following his Military service, Ross Maghan Jr. joined his father and grandfather at the agency. Sensing the change that was coming to the county, gradually over the next decade Ross Jr. would transform the agency from a part-time real estate/part-time insurance agency to a full time, full service insurance agency.

Business and industry was following the migration south and Ross Jr. realized that the agency needed to be more than just a small home and auto insurance shop.  So he grew his staff, expanded his market, and transformed the small town office into a full service agency that would help manage the risks of businesses and the lives of the people who own them.

For the next 35 years The Ross W. Maghan Agency LLC flourished. He grew the business and serviced a growing array of clients. But things changed in the early 2000s when large, direct response carriers entered the market and the sales process began moving online. In 2004, Ross Jr asked his son, Ross III to come see him.

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