New Jersey & Pennsylvania Snow Plow Insurance

If you’re a landscaper or contractor whose services include plowing snow and clearing driveways, retail parking lots, or apartment building parking lots, in addition to your regular contracting operations, having snow plow liability insurance – is absolutely vital.

While snow plow operations can be extremely profitable, the nature of the work also carries with extra risks. Accidents can and do happen regardless of the safety precautions taken, and many general insurance policies exclude liability claims arising from snow removal operations, often without the contractor knowing it.

Operating a vehicle in snowy or icy weather conditions increases the possibility of accidents, and an uninsured accident can leave you or your business in a tough financial spot.

A great policy and service contract will make it clear who is responsible for any claims, such as, slip and fall or damage to someone else’s property.

What Does Snow Plow Insurance Cover?

An insurance policy for snow removal activities can be either a stand-alone policy or added by endorsement to your general liability policy. Your existing personal auto insurance policy also does not include coverage for snow plow activity.

Snow plow operations coverage will cover claims such as,

  • Collisions and property damage
  • Bodily injuries to others and medical costs
  • Comprehensive for non-collision related damages
  • Theft

It also includes completed operations and blanket additional insured and is billable in installments.

How much Snow Plow Insurance should you buy New Jersey and Pennsylvania?

Start with the minimum amount you are required to carry by law or contractually (whichever is higher). Please note that the minimum amount may not be enough to protect you if a loss occurs.

Speaking with one of our agents about how many snowplows your business operates, how many commercial drivers work for you and how much financial loss your company could stand to absorb will ensure we provide you with a proper quote.

How to purchase snow plow operations insurance in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Having sufficient insurance coverage in place BEFORE the start of any snow plow operations is critical to protecting yourself and your business against potential losses.

Not every insurance carrier or agent offers snow plow insurance. The place to start is to look at your current general liability policy to see if there is an snow removal exclusion on your policy. If there is, call The Ross Maghan Agency today at (732) 566-0003 or fill out the form below.

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