You ask, I answer.

What makes y’all so special?

Everyone loves to tell you they are the best at what they do, especially here on social media, but most of them are just okay.  Here’s why you should work with us:

  • You’ll always speak to a human, never an automated system
  • We represent dozens of insurance companies, we have the best coverage & price for you, your family and your business
  • Think you are paying too much, let us know, we can re-quote your policies whenever you’d like.
  • Our service staff is always available & ready to help
  • We specialize in NJ insurance, if you’d like to protect it, we can insure it.
  • We don’t golf, we are always in the office and available
  • We work hard to gain your confidence and business.  We work harder to keep it.
  • Need a referral outside of insurance?  Just ask, we have a network of professionals within reach.
  • We are insurance geeks, ask us anything, anytime.
  • We do what we say with total transparency.  If we tell you we’ll do something, we’ll do it.

Try us out for yourself, let us know what you think…

732.566.0003 • [email protected]