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My neighbor’s tree fell and caused damage to my property, whose insurance does that claim go under?

Your insurance.  You are responsible for your property that was damaged, regardless of whose property the tree was on.

In this case, in NJ, the homeowner would be responsible for the damage to their own property caused by a falling tree or tree limbs, regardless of whose property the tree was on.

If a tree on your neighbor’s property comes down during a storm, damages your home, your fence, a shed in your backyard, hot tub, pool and/or patio furniture, you are responsible.

If the extent of the damage is significant, a claim through your own homeowners insurance is a viable option.  Always consult with your insurance agent regarding any claims and verify your deductible.

Documentation is always good too, take pictures and make notes regarding the time of loss and any other issues you may have seen or noticed, when it’s safe to do so.

If you are unsure if your home is safe, always contact the police or fire dept. to make sure.

If your home is not safe to inhabit, you may have coverage built into your homeowners insurance called ‘Loss of Use’.

This coverage would help pay for any additional living expenses you may incur like a hotel stay or additional food expenses you may have while your home is being repaired.

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