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My child just got their driving permit, do I have to add them to my auto insurance?

One of the most exciting times in a teenager’s life is getting their driving permit . It means they are one step closer to being able to drive themselves around town.

But for you, their parent, it can be one of the most worrisome times in your life as you wonder if they’ll make good driving decisions. In addition to obsessing about their safety on the roads, you might be wondering about the looming impact on your insurance.

Even though they don’t have their drivers license yet, you might be wondering if you have to add them to your auto insurance.

When your child receives their driving permit, you do not have to add them to your NJ auto policy.  Once they receive their actual driver’s license, we can add them on to your policy.  We have a handful of insurer’s that specialize in the specific risk of the “teenage driver”!

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