You ask, I answer.

How do I insure my investment property?

Depending on the intended use of the building, we have a policies to fit your needs.

We can also insure your tenants to ensure there are no gaps in coverage between your building policy and their renter’s and/or business policies.

There are a few questions that need to be answered before we determine what type of policy fits your needs best:

  • Is it a residential or commercial property?
  • It is move-in ready or in need of (major/minor) renovations?
  • Is it in a flood zone?
  • Are there multiple structures?

If you are thinking of buying a residential investment property that already has tenants or will have tenants ASAP, here are the questions you will need to answer:

  • 1-2 families or more?
  • Are you buying the property in your name or a business name?
  • Will you, the owner, be living in one of the units?
  • Will you allow tenants to have animals/pets?
  • What is the length of your lease(s):  Month to month, seasonal, annual, etc?
  • Are the units sprinklered?
  • Is there a pool or any other risks on the property, i.e. trampoline?

Whether it’s any of the examples listed above or any other investment opportunity you may have, feel free to request a quote for the building or business before you decide if it’s the right investment for you. 

Get the right coverage in 3 easy steps

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I know how overwhelming getting the right insurance plan can be when there’s so much information to sort through. Don’t waste another second finding insurance on your own.