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Do I need Comp & Collision coverage on my older vehicle?

When your car or truck is approaching 10 years old, it may be worth having a conversation with your insurance agent on the need to carry physical damage coverage on that vehicle.

Comp and Collision are separate physical damage coverages that cover different things.

Collision covers damage to your vehicle resulting from an accident with another vehicle.

Comprehensive covers everything else like a deer hitting your car, theft, a cracked windshield from a rogue rock or a tree branch falling on your vehicle parked in your driveway.

You can also carry one type of coverage and not the other.

As an example, many people decide to remove collision, but keep their comp coverage intact, in order to save on insurance costs for their older vehicle.

Liability coverage is mandatory on cars in NJ, but comp and collision are not.

When you have an older vehicle, it’s always worth your time to speak to your agent and discuss the best coverages and costs for that car or truck. It’s also a good time to review your auto policy to ensure you are familiar with all your coverages.

If you would like to review your existing policy or would like a quote to compare coverages and cost, drop me a line, anytime!


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