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Do I have to have insurance on my boat?

No. But if you have a boat, you might as well insure it. It’s inexpensive and available if you need it.

Below are the types of coverages you typically see on marine insurance:

Liability Coverage

This will protect you if you get sued or cause damage to someone else’s property when out on the water or in the marina. There is also pollution coverage – think oil and/or gas leaking into the water after an accident.

Hull Coverage

This covers your boat, electronics, and everything else permanently attached to it. An important marine insurance term to remember for later is “Agreed Value”. We can review Agreed Value when we discuss your policy.

Physical Damage Coverage



This is not coverage for typical “wear-and-tear” on your boat.

This is for perils such as: fire, sinking, running aground, coming in too hot to the marina and ending up on the dock (don’t laugh, it happens), getting struck by lightning, or even hitting a submerged object.

The last one actually happened to me, right after Sandy. Definitely not fun. Your physical damage coverage is there when you need it for any of the covered perils that are on your policy. There is also coverage for your engine, but remember, wear and tear is not covered.

Uninsured/Underinsured Boaters

Believe it or not, there are a lot of boats on the water that do not carry insurance. They either don’t know how marine insurance works (or how little it costs) or they have the attitude that “it will never happen to me”.

Remember, boats don’t have brakes. Insurance is a no brainer.

Personal Property

This covers everything you bring on to the boat in your bag or in your pockets that doesn’t stay on when you leave. Think cell phones, poles, reels, and those expensive YETI® coolers.

Towing Coverage

Pretty straight forward. If you need a tow, there’s coverage.

Med Pay

Med Pay allows you to reimburse someone for their medical bills. Say someone gets hurt on your boat. You can reimburse your guest for any medical bills they paid out of pocket, up to the limit.

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