4 Reasons To Review Your Homeowners Insurance This Summer

July 13, 2015

“Summer, summer, summertime. Time to sit back and unwind.”

Long before he fought off aliens from space to reclaim our Independence Day and become the fresh prince of the Summer blockbuster, Will Smith has always had “summer madness” on his mind.

Even though we’re no longer getting jiggy with it, we’re still taking time to sit back and unwind in our backyards, grill up some burgers, dip into the pool with our family, or enjoy drinks with friends on the deck or outdoor patio.

But while you’re picking out the perfect playlist for all of your Summer fun, don’t neglect this major task – updating your homeowners’ insurance policy.

Your homeowners’ insurance policy does more than just protecting the structural integrity of your home. It also helps cover your property in the event of damage or liability claims due to injury.

Here are 4 major reasons you’ll want to review your homeowners’ insurance policy this Summer:

Renovations or Additions to Your Space – Did you get a sizable tax return and decide to install that hot tub you and your spouse have been dreaming of? Or perhaps you built a new shed, gazebo, or had an outdoor kitchen installed. Either way, you should have your current policy reviewed to make sure you have the necessary coverage for these additions. While these and other structures are usually covered as a percentage of your dwelling coverage, you’ll want to verify and confirm with your agent.

Keeping Up with Mr. and Mrs. Smith – Neighbors can be the most unpredictable element when it comes to owning a home. Some you won’t care for and others, you’ll get along great with for years. That is until someone sustains an injury in your home or on your property. As friendly as your neighbors might be, you could still be faced with a liability claim in the event of an injury, especially if children are involved. Don’t wait to find out how much liability protection you or how strong your relationship with your neighbor really is. Make sure you have adequate protection against these claims.

Your Property Is In Terrible Condition – Maybe you’re not one to host gatherings at your home or you’re far too busy to maintain your yard. Either way, someone could easily get hurt if your yard isn’t well kept, and that could lead to a liability claim. Talk with your agent about getting your home and property checked to see if there might be areas where you should be looking to protect yourself from any claims against your insurance policy.

Get those issues fixed immediately and continue to maintain your property even if you don’t plan on hosting very often.

You Want to be Extra Cautious and get Additional Coverage – Perhaps you’re just not sure if your current policy is sufficient. If you think you could use more coverage for your homeowners’ insurance policy, then call your agent today and find out. You could consider getting umbrella coverage, which would provide additional coverage on top of your existing policies. It never hurts to check.

Sit back and unwind this summer and enjoy some additional piece of mind by reviewing your homeowners’ insurance policy with The Ross Maghan Agency.

Call us at 732-566-0003 to speak to an agent today!

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